My Story

My story is almost too simple. My cousin gifted me a Scentsy Plug In for Christmas in 2011.  I was skeptical at first as I was a very dedicated Candle Person.  I was beyond impressed with the scent, safety, quality and affordability of the entire collection that I changed my entire home fragrance ritual to Scentsy and packed away all my candles.  I hosted a Basket Party to earn free Scentsy as a Hostess, because what's better than free, right?  I was surprised to find how easy it is to get people interested and purchase Scentsy products.  My Basket Party was a SMASHING success!!

By April 2012 I was signed up as a Scentsy Independent Consultant!!  The long over-due change of much safer and affordable fragrancing products in my home was a welcome one, and having children and pets the safety of Scentsy was the biggest plus for us all.  

Becoming an Independent Consultant has been nothing short of amazing.  Along with a full time job and two teenagers, I am able to work my own schedule with Scentsy, allowing me to make extra money to add to my income which goes a long way.  I have been blessed with a thriving business!  I meet fantastic people along the way, and have made many new friendships in my journey that I am so thankful for.  The company is very supportive, and generous.  To date I have won FOUR all expenses paid Incentive Trips, Bonuses, Awards and more!  I also take pride in working with a company that believes in and encourages all of us to give back as much as we can through Charitable Cause Warmers, and fundraising endevours, the Scentsy Family has a spirit of family and community.  Now, with a team of wonderful ladies of my own, I look back at that first $99 I spent signing up and I do believe it was the best $99 I ever spent, with the many wonderful things I have gotten back in return! Thank you for visiting my website, and Welcome to the Wonderful World of Scentsy!!